Hi! I’m born and raised in Hong Kong. I’ve lived in Taiwan for from Grade 1-3, then the rest in Hong Kong. Graduated from highschool in 2009, went to Vancouver for post-secondary school. I’ve attended University of British Columbia and Langara College, however with obstacles that I was unable to climb over, I moved back to Hong Kong in August 2012. I am currently attending Cenntenial College, member of University of Hong Kong, and continuing my path in obtaining my Bachelors! 😀 I love watching anime and playing badminton! During my time in Vancouver, I was able to find God. I’m proud to say that though my path has been rough, I was still able to find him! What’s ahead of me is still very uncertain, be it more walls to hit, more obstacles, more heartbreaking moments, I’m sure I will continue to walk in his path, for he personally designed this path for me, and I know that it is good; he knows what’s best for me better than what I know what’s best for me. I will continue to put faith and trust in him, and hopefully I am able to do work for him as well; to spread his word.



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