another birthday

It’s almost that same time that comes every year,  except this year there had been downs, and bottoms. What is important is I am still here,  biting on my lips,  trying to keep my head in the right direction. It’s been disturbing how I want to keep playing games during my most busiest times, and thinking about an impossible future in the gaming industry; in the cyber world. Video games keep coming back in my most darkest times,  and even at bright times, I wonder what I am able to do and affect on the cyber world, but this “abnormal” path is so rejected by the community around me.  Given then asian background, i cant disagree more about how narrow this slim opportunity is, to be those famous cyber athletes or to make a name out of my own work; what am i capable of?  Many might argue about what God has to say on this topic, i sometimes wonder too…what ARE his views on the cyber world. I see the opportunities and the upcoming generation, but what should I do? Classes that I’m in have almost no correlation with this area…the only thing I was able to grasp this semester is a chance to write about esports in my culture class.  I wonder what sort of answers i can find.



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