上帝會保佑我的 愛情總會來的
我在夢中一切都有 可惜現實呀 常常是相反的

愛她的男人很多 那我又算什麼 我在雨中喝著悶酒
反正幸福呀 對我是奢侈的

心裡太清楚了 其實她不愛我
奇怪 地球上怎麼會沒有人 看上我

神啊 救救我吧 一把年紀了 一個愛人都沒有
孤獨是可憐的 如果沒愛過 人生是黑白的

神啊 救救我吧 一個人晃了半輩子了 為什麼
我這樣的男人哪 就快要絕種 她呢 又在哪兒

This song came back to me during a concert I heard a last week. When 陳小春 made this song, he was also single, lonely, had no one. But today, he’s married with the love of his life and enjoying her company all because of God (actually I don’t know if he’s a Christian..but anyways..). I know God has prepared that someone, I know he won’t let me be alone, I know he has the best saved up for me, but when will I get it? Perhaps I shouldn’t be focusing on getting it, but just to continue to walk on my path, blindfolded.


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