Truth or Lie?

What hurts more? Truths or lies? On the time scale of things, I would like to say truth. They are immediate, direct, and to the point. Usually lies aren’t really “lies” until they are figured out; they are later, indirect, and usually around the point just to convince whoever you are trying to convince. Though truths hurt more but I think that I’d still like to speak truths, especially when it comes to the word of God. Though I am not perfect, thought I make mistakes, but when God works through me, I know that those are real “truth”.  I don’t know if that made sense, but in some frames of my life, there had been a few cases where I know it was the right thing to do. Those moments I can describe as miracles that has happen in my life, or “God-stories”. I wish I could share more God-stories, but I’m only limited to like 2 atm. One was asking my ex out, and the other was figuring out God is who I believe in. These 2 “gifts” came together at the same time and they both came to me as if all I had to do was to accept it. Jesus has freed us from our sins before we know, and this gift is offered to anyone who follows his words. And he will always have the best for you. Like my life atm, though it is in a ditch considering the shit that I just got out of, it is only a phase where I have grown from. What is better has yet to come. All I need to do is to stick to Him and he will give me something so awesome that I can’t even understand. He won’t always want us to be in pain, He wants us to be happy too. 


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